pregnancy range for queasy days

supporting you during your hour of need

We have come to your rescue and created a tummy settling range to support mums-to-be in their hour of need. We have a passion for natural and organic ingredients. Our recipes have helped mums-to-be for over three generations, using values handed down from our Grandmothers Myrtle & Maude. Our mission is to support parents through those early days of pregnancy and beyond, and so we select each ingredient carefully selected by our elite herbalist and craft all our products in small batches using our products provide you with a soothing and comforting solution to ease the journey of your pregnancy.


Our herbal tea blend is specially formulated and regulated by our master herbalist. Every leaf, petal and flower has been carefully selected to make a tea bag of joy. Tens of thousands of cups of our delicious tea are enjoyed every year by mums-to-be, bringing  comfort  on  those  queasy  days.


We source, grow and pick only the best organic ingredients. We craft all our products in small batches using herbalist traditions.



Peppermint (35%) Ginger root (25%) Lemon balm (15%) Chamomile (15%) Rose petal (5%) Orange peel (5%)



Our wristbands use the philosophy of acupressure, an   alternative    therapy    based    on traditional Chinese  medicine.

The acupressure bands are stretchy bands worn around both wrists. The small metal stud applies a constant, light pressure to the acupressure point that lies on the inside of the wrist and has traditionally been known to help relieve pregnancy tummy discomfort.


The bands are black with silver coloured metal acupressure studs.


Fibre content:

85% cotton, 12% polyester,  3% spandex




Our melt-in-the-mouth bon-bons are specially formulated with natural peppermint oil enriched with vitamin B6, offering refreshing relief and a much-needed energy boost on those queasy days. These mini drops of sweet joy are handcrafted the traditional way, a method that has not changed for nearly 100 years. The luxurious fusion is hand blended in giant copper pans,

poured and left to set....A meticulous process seriously made with love.



White sugar, Glucose syrup, Peppermint oil, Pyridoxine hydrochloride (Vitamin B6)

Do not consume more than 16 Bon-Bons per day




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