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Meet the founders Matty & Jules

Founded in Yorkshire, Myrtle & Maude creates natural products for pregnancy. Our mission is to support parents through those early days of pregnancy and beyond

Myrtle & Maude was launched by myself and husband. Both of us grew up intimately connected to the natural world around us; fresh allotment produce always decked our family table, and my mother, a retired nurse, would always find natural remedies to cure our ailments

Our recipes have been passed down for over three generations. A passion for natural living was in both of our blood, originating from our grandmothers values – Myrtle & Maude is named after them

Myrtle & Maude’s range employs the uplifting, soothing and settling powers of plants and herbs to combat the trials and tribulations of pregnancy

We know the natural world, and take inspiration from the earth and its raw beauty to provide handmade, unique blends, created to provide comfort and wellbeing. The highly-trained team in our nature labs are specialist growers, pruners, pickers, blenders and everything in-between. We are proud of our craft and prefer to only source high-quality, natural ingredients

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Our aim is to support women through all stages of pregnancy and beyond, we select each ingredient by hand and craft all our products in small batches using herbalist traditions. Our passion is to offer reassurance & comfort with the very best natural products giving mums-to-be the best start.