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July 14, 2021 3 min read

Guess Who?

Request baby photos of each guest, it’s a good idea to ask on the invite to give you plenty of time to collect them all, and get everyone to pair each photo to a guest.


Fishing for Dummies 

This game is great for a garden or outdoor baby shower as it can get a little messy.

Similar to apple bobbing, fill a container with water and throw in a handful of dummies, the guest have to get the dummies in their mouth without using their hands.


What Am I?

Create a card or sticky note for each guest with a baby item on it e.g nappy, dummy, cot.

Pop it in an envelope or stick on their back or head, somewhere they can’t see, they have to ask yes or no questions to the rest of the guests to figure out which item they are.


Don’t say baby!

The aim of the game is to not say the word ‘baby’ which can prove rather difficult at a baby shower.

Each guest should get 5 or so lives/ chances to slip up, you can symbolise these with pegs or stickers and each time they say baby they lose a life. The last man standing wins a prize.


Name That Tune

Using songs with ‘baby’ or ‘babe’ in the title, create a playlist where the guests have to guess the song and artist. Make it harder by using instrumental versions of the songs.



Play baby shower bingo while the mum-to-be opens her gifts. Fill in your bingo grid with possible presents and cross them out if the guest of honour receives the gift.


Nursery Rhyme Trivia 

Create or find some trivia questions on nursery rhymes and see how well the guests remember them.


Pregnant Twister 

Using a pillow as a fake belly, guests play a usual game of twister while experiencing a pregnant body. 


Guess the bump measurements 

Get everyone to write down a guess of how big the bump measures, closest wins.


Baby Food Taste Test

Buy or make an array of baby food and put in unlabelled pots, let the guests taste and guess what’s in each pot.


Celebrity Baby

Source pictures of celebrity children and let the players guess the famous parents.


DIY Onesie Decorating  

Let your friends get creative and design a onesie for the baby on the way. You can simply provide colourful pens or go all out and offer glitter and other crafty materials. A game and a gift all in one.


Pram Olympics 

Set up an assault course inside or out, use boxes, pillows or whatever you can get your hands on. The idea of the game is to get the pram around the assault course as quick as possible. Make it harder by adding a doll into the mix, get the guests to strap the baby in and out of the pram.


Guess The Chocolate Bar

This one isn’t for the faint hearted but it’s a classic baby shower game. Melt different kinds of chocolate onto some nappies and let your guests tastes and smell them to guess the chocolate bar.


Blind Nappy Changing Challenge 

Make a difficult experience even harder for your guests by blindfolding them. Using a doll, set your guests the challenge of changing a nappy while blindfolded.


Late Night Nappies

Have guests write down funny thoughts to get mum through those late night changes.


Place The Baby on Mummy

Stealing slightly from pin the tail on the donkey, using a paper cut out of a baby have guests try and stick the baby on the correct place on the mum-to-be while blindfolded. 


The Baby Bucket List 

Ask everyone to write down something they hope happens in the life of the baby on the way and drop it into a bucket or bowl. This is a sweet game mum can read through later and hold on to as a keepsake.


Most Popular Baby Names

Have guests try and guess the top 10 baby names from a certain year, the year the mum-to-be was born or the year the baby is due.


Don’t Drop The Baby

Using an egg, preferably with a cute face drawn on, get your guests to pair up and gently toss the egg between each other till someone drops it. Last pair standing wins. 




Wether your baby shower is a intimate group of close friends, a co-Ed shower or a hundred guests, these games will bring laughter and memories for everyone involved and especially the mum-to