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July 01, 2021 2 min read

A gender neutral colour palette is a great option for a nursery as it allows for versatility and change, so whether you’re waiting for a delivery room surprise or want to steer away from gender stereotypes, these colour palettes we’ve suggested are great inspiration.


Neutral colours don’t have to be beige, if you’re wanting a more modern nursery try a monochrome colour scheme. Black and white patterns offer a multi-sensory experience for your baby and actually encourage their development of being able to focus their attention and increase levels of concentration. 


Earthy or pastel tones bring a warmness and a touch of colour into a room without being too overpowering. It would look great paired with white, stone or yellow shades.


Orange and yellow colours

If you want a vibrant colour in your nursery, orange is a perfect choice as it matches with so many other shades. Natural wood or white furniture would compliment an orange nursery.

Coral, green and white

You can add accents of brighter colours like yellow or pink. These are a really complementary combination of colours that have no age or gender associated with them and would look great in a nursery or any room for that matter. It’s an option, while not in your face, it still brings colour into a room. Many other colours match with this palette which gives you freedom when picking accessories for the room.

Coral white and green colour palette

Tan, cream and forest green

This is a more natural colour palette that would work beautifully with some leafy plants such as Parlor or Kentia palms both great for purifying air.

Cream green and tan colour palette

Creams and whites

Keep it classic with these shades. They always bring a light and airy feel to any room, perfect for a nursery with limited light. Also you can add and change colours with accessories or furniture, easily switching up the style of the room with little effort.


Challenge your creativity and try painting a landscape or mural of some kind. This could be something as simple as a sun or moon or if you have a steady hand go for something more intricate like flowers or plants or animals.