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October 16, 2020 8 min read

You’ve just found out you and your other half will soon be welcoming a little bundle of joy and you couldn’t be more excited. It’s important to savour this magical moment for as long as possible but pretty soon you are going to want to share the news with your nearest and dearest. Announcing a pregnancy is a personal thing and every couple wants to do it in a different way. Perhaps you’ll take an emotional approach or maybe you’ll go the funny route and charm your loved ones with something altogether charming and a little bit silly.

If this is your first pregnancy you’ll likely to be eager to get the announcement just right, so we’ve rounded up a few of our very favourite pregnancy announcement ideas to give you some inspiration. Take a look through with your partner, weigh up what’s important to you both and get those tissues at the ready; whether they are crying with laughter or joy, expect emotions galore when you share your pregnancy news!

Myrtle & Maude Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

1. Throw it all around

Who says that confetti should be reserved for weddings? Opt for coloured confetti and enthusiastically make your announcement as you allow the delicate pieces of flower to fall around your friends and family. It’s simple, effective and will ensure that everybody immediately knows just how excited you are about your new addition.

2. Go fashionable

If you can’t wait to start browsing for all of those gorgeous baby items (and who can honestly say they can resist a fresh white baby grow?) make your shopping addiction part of the announcement by purchasing a cute new item and presenting it to those you wish to share your news with. Wholesome and ever so charming, this one is sure to get all of the oohs and ahhs you were hoping for!

3. Go plush

Clothes may get some of us cooing, but for others there is nothing cuter than a darling baby toy. Opt for a bespoke toy by browsing the likes of Etsy or the Bear Factory, which will ensure that your announcement is really personal and unique.

4. WhatsApp announcement

Group chats on WhatsApp have plenty of uses, so why not utilise its benefits to share your special news? Create a group and add in everybody that you want to know your announcement. It’s fuss-free, requires little effort and means that you can keep everybody in the loop easily as your pregnancy develops.

5. The story so far

Create a sense of nostalgia with a video charting you and your partner’s story so far. Your friends and family will love to see how far you have come together and the adorable baby photo at the end is sure to see wild celebrations ensue; just make sure you’ve got the champagne at the ready!

6. Spell it out

Keep it short, sweet and simple by spelling out your announcement on a chalk board. Simple wording like ‘we’re expecting’ conveys the message perfectly and you can also pose for photos with your sign to post on social media, ensuring that your life-changing news touches the hearts of everyone you love.

Myrtle & Maude Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

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7. Light it up

Just as your new baby will light up your lives, this announcement is sure to make everybody feel super bright. Use glow in the dark lights to spell out the announcement of your new baby. Everybody will be dancing in the neon lights!

8. Baby on the menu

You know that feeling you get when you walk past a café advertising your favourite food on a sandwich board? Give your family that same feeling with a similar style board to share your lovely news.

Myrtle & Maude Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

9. Let’s play a game

Be a bit coy and cute by gathering your friends for a games evening and cleverly work in your news while you play. Games that focus on words are ideal and you can imaginatively work in the word ‘pregnant’ and look on as everyone’s face lights up!

10. Acting it out

Game of charades anyone? It’s perfect for a bit of festive fun and is also great when you are ready to announce that you have something very special growing in your tummy. Invite loved ones over for a meal then suggest some old-fashioned fun with a game of charades. Team up with your partner and watch in amazement as your family piece together your announcement.

11. 1+1 is …

If you’re expecting not one but two beautiful bundles of joy, a maths equation is a clever way to announce your news. Even if everybody already knows you are expecting, a simple sum is a great way to express that you have been blessed twice.

12. T-shirt token

If you already have a child you want to make sure that they feel involved in the experiencing of welcoming a new member into the family. Why not say it with a t-shirt adorned with a cute slogan to let them know that they will soon be a big brother or sister. Something simple like ‘when one becomes two’ with a drawing of a new-born will work wonders and you’ll be able to make some really special memories with your child before welcoming your new-born.

Myrtle & Maude Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

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13. Big brother/sister on board

Another similar idea to above would be to get a t-shirt made up that expresses your little one’s impending brotherhood/sisterhood. Have a rough arrival date written on their little t-shirt for added cuteness. Expect them to wear their new garment with pride as the excitement builds nearer to your due date.

Myrtle & Maude Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

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Myrtle & Maude Pregnancy Announcement Ideas


14. The sad sibling

Is your little one less than impressed by the prospect of welcoming a sibling? They will love their new brother or sister in time, but sometimes the idea of sharing your affections is daunting – but their dismay could actually be a source of amusement when it comes to announcing your news to family and friends. Share an image of your little one looking slightly downtrodden and holding a sign that expresses the news about your family growing – don’t worry, they love them really!

15. Winning the competition

A little bit of sibling rivalry is sometimes a good thing, so show your friends and family that your new addition is going to be welcomed straight into the family dynamic with the help of a scoreboard display. If you know the sex of your new member, your other children could hold up a sign reading ‘Boys 2-Girls 1’ for example, and the rest of your party will be able to work out whether your little ones will be welcoming a new brother or sister.

16. Announcing their sidekick

Give your mini superhero (or superheroes) the chance to do something that every single child loves to do – dress up! Get them to don their favourite superhero costumes and pose with a sign saying explaining that they will soon be welcoming their very own mini sidekick. This one is a really great photo opportunity for family members and is sure to give you some great pictures for displaying with pride on the fridge.

17. Promote your debut album

Or it could be your third or fourth instalment! If you and your other half are big music lovers and love nothing more than attending gigs or concerts (though maybe steer clear of those during month 9) a really relevant baby announcement for you will be promoting your new little sunflower in the same way that artists let the world know about their brand new music. Create promo flyers that you can circulate to friends and family – plus this way they have something to display at home that will remind them of your really exciting news!

18. A wish list

Every child has hopes, dreams and wishes that they fantasise about one day coming true. As a parent it’s your job to facilitate them, so why not get them to write out their own wish list of all of the things that they want to happen in the near future. Create a video of take photos of them ticking off their wishes as they are achieved and when you reach the last option ‘A little brother or sister’, tick that one off too! It’s the perfect heart-warming announcement and is a great way to create excitement for your little one about the arrival of their new sibling.

Myrtle & Maude Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

19. New shoes

Few things are more delightful than the sight of tiny baby toes and miniscule baby booties – and there’s a way that you can easily work the latter into your announcement! Post an artsy photograph of all of the family’s shoes lined up with an additional teeny pair of baby shoes. Keep your caption short and sweet – something like ‘new arrival’ or even simply the due date works wonders, and watch as floods of gushing messages appear on your screen, congratulating you on your extra special news.

20. No more wine

We all know that women must forgo alcohol during pregnancy and for some ladies, this is particularly difficult. If your mates know you are partial to a tipple, use your weakness for a bottle of Pinot to your advantage during your baby announcement. Simply post two glasses of wine (his and hers) one full, one empty. Stick a note on the empty wine glass with the phrase ‘out of order until’ followed by your due date. Your good friends will likely put two and two together, and those that don’t will just read the comments to understand what all of the fuss is about! This one is smart, funny creative and comical and really gives people something to talk about!

Myrtle & Maude Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

21. Have one on me

Similar to the above idea, but this way you can make the announcement in person. Invite your friends over for a good old-fashion knees-up. Hand out glasses of wine or bottled beer with labels reading ‘drink this for me, I’ll be a bit busy until…’ and then add on your due date. It will make for a fun and light-hearted announcement and the drinks are sure to be flowing once everyone knows the news!

22. A party for two

If you’ve got a little one in the family get them involved with a gorgeous tea party setup in the garden for your nearest and dearest. Set up a tiny tea party table for them complete with mini cakes and other sweet treats. A second area can be set up with a sign reading ‘arrival expected’. Once all of your guests see the charming treat you have created they will be delighted to toast to your new tiny addition with tea and plenty of cake – what’s a party without it?

23. A new chair

Do you both happen to have your own armchairs in the living room for relaxing in at night? Invest in a tiny third chair that and place it between you both. A great photo opportunity, this visual announcement is sure to have those closest to you in awe of your news and absolutely desperate to welcome your new creation into the world with you.

24. A bright idea

Light up your news (on a non-flammable surface of course) by spelling out ‘new baby due’ with delicate tea light candles. Do some browsing online and look for different shapes and colours that will help to create a really eye-catching display. Another good if odd one that you could do is to spell it out on a (non-flammable) surface. Put down some candles and the like and use this to spell out the announcement. It’s a good one to go for and see what people think of; just be sure to be safe as you make the announcement!

25. Light up the sky

If your motto is ‘go big or go home’ make your announcement with the help of an epic fireworks display in your garden. As each rocket is released your loved ones will come over all warm and fuzzy thinking about how this new addition is going to light up everybody’s life.

Myrtle & Maude Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

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26. Let them eat cake

Are you and your other half big time tea drinkers? Invest in some personalised mugs (you could keep it simple with mum and dad) and invite your relatives over for cuppa and a cake. They will likely stay for hours to discuss your new arrival, so be sure to stock up the biscuit barrel!


Announcing the arrival of a baby will be one of the most exciting and emotional times of your life, so you need to be sure that you pick a method that is perfectly suited to you and your partner. With so many great ideas that can be personalised and made entirely your own, your hardest decision will likely be deciding on just one!