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May 27, 2021 4 min read

There is no such thing as too many baby grows... but where do they all go? 

Whether you’re a mum-to-be, a brand new parent or a seasoned pro, those piles and piles of adorable tiny baby clothes sat waiting for your ‘bundle of joy’ to arrive will not organise themselves.  Time is precious when you
re a parent, as I’m sure you’ve heard plenty of times, but being able to place your hand on what you need, when you need it will be a real time saver.  An organised nursery gives you one less thing to be thinking about when caring for your baby.  We’ve gathered some simple and affordable organising ideas to make those first few months a little easier.


Keep your most frequently used items close to the changing table

Having items in reaching distance will be so efficient and make the whole nappy changing escapade a lot easier. If you have draws in your changing station, use the top drawer for all items ‘nappy’ related or in a basket next to the table is just as effective.  

If you want to be extra organised, having a little trolly with a few compartments means you can move it around to wherever ickle messy bubba may be. 

Photo: @laurenanndepino

Size organisers

If you’ve been gifted enough clothes for quadruplets, using size organisers on a clothes rail allows you to see exactly where you need to be grabbing from. Also organising by size means you can easily spot clothes that no longer fit. 


Cast-off bin

Our precious babies grow way too quick so a cast off bin is perfect for those outgrown items, throw them straight in the bin which you can go through and sort at a later date. It also prevents you putting outgrown items back and holding on to things your baby doesn’t need anymore. 

Instead of just throwing away items in that end up in the cast off bin, consider donating them or passing them on to a friend which are more sustainable solutions. 


Hanging Baskets

Whilst flowers would look beautiful I’m thinking of something more practical. Attaching baskets underneath shelves or on the inside of wardrobe doors is a brilliant storage hack for small items or clothes that can be rolled up. It doubles your storage space while still looking neat. Plastic baskets are sturdier but if on display a fabric basket is a more on trend and adds softness to your décor.

Vertical storage is always a good idea for smaller nursery’s or rooms with less storage space.

Clothes Pegs 

Using clothes pegs allows you to add a few items to one coat hanger. Clip a pair of trousers or a dress to the back and add a coat over it, you can put together a whole outfit on one peg saving time and space. 

Back ups 

Having spares of things like nappies and baby wipes will never not be a good thing. Keep this out of the nursery in a cupboard or garage but this means you can keep your changing area constantly stocked.


Box it up 

Putting everything in some form of box or basket allows you to easily move things about without having to take out every item one at a time. It also results in less mess as you know which basket is which and you’re not having to rummage around in piles of clothes. 

Leave space to grow

Make sure to leave some space, as your baby grows you’ll be buying new things that will be getting bigger and bigger. Leaving some space allows you to keep adding and swapping out new for old without having to have a whole reorganisation.


Keep blankets, sheets and baby monitor near the bed to make the sleeping process a lot easier. 


Label, label, label!
Using chalkboard paint on drawers or cupboards is a really useful way of labelling as it looks great but it’s also not set in stone. If you reorganise you can just wipe off the chalk and write something new. Or if you’re feeling creative you can draw something beautiful for your babies nursery. 

Another option would be a Dymo label maker, a quicker and more efficient option and allows you to label pretty much anything.


Keep the floor clear

This may seem like an obvious one but having an open floor space is super helpful. It means no slaloming round toys. Also baskets are a good idea and encourage you to put everything back in its place and not just on the, already busy, floor. 


Under crib storage

For lesser used things, clothes that are too big or winter clothes in the summer or vice versa, using the space under the crib is a great solution. It means it’s not taking up unnecessary space on rails or in drawers which make it more difficult to find things you actually need. 



We’ve put together these organisation tips to save you time and energy but also give you an opportunity to be excited about welcoming your new baby. Enjoy the process of designing something for you child.
We at Myrtle and Maude understand that caring for a baby can have it’s challenges but we’re here to help in any way we can. We hope these tips help make your life a little easier.