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Reusable Bamboo Breast Pads


Our sustainable reusable bamboo breast pads are an absolute essential (Pack of 6)

Product Shout-outs…

  • For use during late pregnancy and whilst breast feeding
  • Great hospital bag essential
  • Ultra absorbent yet slim, discrete and lightweight
  • Control leakage and prevent clothes from getting wet
  • Designed to be soft & sensitive against the skin
  • Super soft bamboo with antibacterial properties
  • Reusable/ Machine washable
  • Sustainable choice
  • Great size to wear in your bra
  • 3D Mould Design - contour shape against the breast for perfect fit
  • Triple layer
  • Breastfeeding essential
  • Size: Diameter 13cm / Thickness: 5mm
  • Discreet shipping packaging
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Washable Reusable Bamboo Breast Pads/ Nursing Pads…

Breastfeeding (nursing) your baby can be a good experience for both the mother and the baby. It takes time and practice to get comfortable with breastfeeding and get the hang of it, this can happen faster for some women than others. Breastfeeding does not happen for everyone and can take a physical and mental toll on the body. However you choose to feed, this should be the best way for you and your baby.

The truth is, it can be messy, but it's completely normal. Breasts that leak, drip or even spray milk in the weeks (and sometimes even months) after delivery are a common and normal postpartum symptom. A baby's cry…. even if it's not your bubba might trigger a squirt. You might spring a leak in the shower, in your sleep or when you're thinking or talking about your baby. You may also leak if you're running a little late for a feeding, and you can drip from one breast or both.

There's just no telling when or where you might leak, so keep that in mind as you plan your day — and your outfit.

Our super absorbent Bamboo & Cotton breast pads are a great sustainable choice for breastfeeding mums. They are reliable nursing pads ready to absorb released milk preventing leaks. They are soft & comfortable bamboo fibre towel with antibacterial benefits with strong absorption.

Each pack of Myrtle & Maude breast pads contains 6 reusable & re-washable breast pads and a convenient drawstring travel bag.

What NHS say about leaking breasts

Sometimes, breast milk may leak unexpectedly from your nipples.

Wearing breast pads will stop your clothes becoming wet with breast milk. Remember to change them frequently to prevent an infection.

Expressing some milk may also help. Only express enough to feel comfortable, as you do not want to over stimulate your supply.

If your baby has not fed recently, you could offer them a feed as breastfeeding is also about you being comfortable.

The Science behind our 3 layer pads

1 Outer layer - 50% bamboo fibre  & 50% cotton

The bamboo fiber towel fabric has natural anti-bacterial and anti-odour material providing comfort and cleanliness all day. The breast pad stays at body temperature unlike disposables, which can cause discomfort and irritation from the cold & damp.

2 Intermediate layer - High density sponge

The high-density foam layer of the pad creates the perfect shape to fit your breast, so they are comfortable and discreet to wear. It retains excellent strength, stability, and rigidity. The breast pad has a 3-D cup design which fits perfectly to the natural breast curve providing full breast support.

3 Inside middle layer - Instantaneous absorption

Our 100% cotton layer is against the skin that is soft and sensitive on the skin and provides instantaneous milk absorption and protects the nipple. Our reusable bamboo breast pads are machine washable so can be used time and time again, saving you money and saving the earth's resources as the same time.

How to use your Bamboo Breast pads…

- Pop the breast pad in your bra and away you go, it’s the perfect hospital essential

- It is recommended that you change your breast pads frequently to prevent infection

- Every woman’s milk flow varies so we recommend regularly checking your pads every few hours or so to see if they need changing

- For over night use or heavy flow we suggest wearing two pads per breast

How to wash your Bamboo Breast pads...

- Wash before use, this makes sure they are lint free and ready to absorb

- Machine wash at 30-degrees or hand wash

- Air dry in full sun as the sun's UV rays are quite effectively kill the bacteria that cause odour

- Do not iron/ tumble dry/ bleach

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