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May 27, 2021 3 min read

15 Cute and simple ways to tell your partner you’re pregnant!


After returning your knickers to their rightful place, the first thing you want to do when you find out you’re pregnant is tell your partner. Whilst shouting “I’m pregnant” typically works, doing something special will make the moment more memorable for both of you. Planning it out also gives you the chance to film it, so you can share it with friends and family and eventually your child! We’ve got some fun and cute ideas on how you can share your joyous news. 


Team up with your pets to create the cutest moment. You could attach the test to their collar or get them to bring over an item of baby clothing. This is a fool proof way to get the tears flowing.


Leave out clues that aren’t usually in your home like pregnancy magazines, baby name books or dummies. Things that will all come in useful in the future.
This is one of the more subtle ways to reveal your news

Scavenger Hunt

Turn your reveal into a fun scavenger hunt for your partner. Leave them out a series of clues getting them closer and closer to discovering your positive pregnancy test.

Bake it 

Get creative in the kitchen and decorate a cake with your announcement.

Capture the surprise 

Get your family together to take a photo and as the camera clicks, announce your pregnancy. You’ll get to see those surprised faces forever. 


Balloons are a quick and easy prop to get your hands on. “I’m pregnant” might be a few too many balloons to blow up so I think “baby” or “preggo” will get the message across.


Use your test 

Put your positive test, or tests, somewhere your partner will quickly stumble across it. This is easy and simple and can be done seconds after you find out but will still create a special moment for you two. 

Bun in the oven 

You don’t want the clue’s to be too difficult to figure out, so this bun pun is a funny and straight to the point idea. Place a timer on the oven and let your partner find what’s inside.

Say it with a bow 

An easy and cute idea is to tie a bow around your waist with a gift tag with “I’m pregnant” written on it.

Sweet treats 

Baking or bringing them a selection of sweet treats is a good idea as when they’re tucking in you can mention that it would be nice if they put on some weight in the next 9 months as well. Plus then you can celebrate by finishing off the baked goods.

Enlist the help of your children

If you think your children could keep the surprise on the down-low, there are so many ways you can get them involved in telling your partner. You could get them a t-shirt saying big brother or sister, however this could take a few days to source. Or, you could get creative and even let them make their own. This also makes for a great family photo.

Add some extra items to your regular shop 

Buy some nappies and dummies and let your partner unpack your shopping. It won’t take long for them to figure out your news.

Let your partner find out first

Take the test without looking at the results and leave it out for your partner to discover. Meaning you can both share the surprise.

Save the date 

Highlight your due date on the calendar and leave it an obvious place for your partner to find. 

Baby the size of a ...

Buy whatever food your baby is the size of, earlier on it’s usually the size of a blueberry or a poppyseed. When your partner asks why you’ve served them a plate of blueberries you can explain that this is the current size of your baby.


However you choose to tell your partner the good news, don’t stress too much about the details. The most important part is that you two are going to be parents so whether you got a picture perfect moment or not you will always remember this  and the moments to come.