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Organic Raspberry Leaf Tea
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Labour Essential Oil Nasal Inhalation Stick
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Labour Tea & Gifts

Explore our products for every part of your pregnancy journey but as you get closer to your labour day our labour range is there to ensure you are ready in both mind and body.

The star ingredient of our labour day range is the raspberry leaf. Taken from the red raspberry leaf bush, the leaves are packed full of essential nutrients that are extremely beneficial during pregnancy and labour.

Containing high amounts of calcium which works with the nervous system and helps alleviate pain and a plethora of vitamins including vitamins A, B, C and E. The raspberry leaf causes the uterine muscle and entire pelvic area to strengthen and tone due to an alkaline called Fragarine which are extremely beneficial during labour.

Encouraged by the NHS, pregnant woman should begin drinking raspberry leaf teaat 32 weeks pregnant up until your labour. Allowing enough time for your body to experience all the benefits of the tea.  You can also continue drinking the tea postpartum to encourage the recovery of the reproductive system and stimulate the breast milk supply.  

Like our other teas, the labour day tea is 100% organic, certified vegan and caffeine free making it safe and useful for mums-to-be. 

Additionally to our tea, we have the Baby Shower gift set in the labour range. A perfect collection of our products for a friend or family member close to their due date. Presented in a beautiful gift box so no need to wrap.  

All our labour products have been scientifically tested and ensured to be not only safe but extremely beneficial during and post labour.