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Organic Postpartum Recovery Tea
from £6.00
Postpartum Essential Oil Nasal Inhalation Stick
from £7.50
Organic Postpartum Hair Revival Tea
from £6.00
Postpartum Recovery Kit

Postpartum Products Collection

The Postpartum period is a time full of joy and many new moments you get to share with your new family but accompanied with those amazing experiences is fatigue and discomfort as your body recovers from birth.

We’ve created our postpartum collection to support you physically and mentally through your after birth recovery.

Time, patience and nutrients are key to a full postpartum recovery.

Myrtle & Maude’s postpartum range offers 100% natural products that help aide postpartum recovery and postpartum hair loss.

Our recovery tea helps reduce heavy bleeding, restore uterine muscles and rebalance hormone levels where as our inhaler provides a natural energy boost that uplifts and refreshes and helps relives anxiety.

Our hair revival tea was specifically formulated to stimulate hair growth, maintain strong and healthy hair and provide the body with essential minerals.

We want to make your postpartum journey as simple and comfortable as possible so you can focus on you and your new baby. Our postpartum collection is there to restore your body’s resilience using natural, organic ingredients so you can do just that.