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Pregnancy Gifts

Pregnancy Gifts & Mummy to Be Presents

At Myrtle and Maude we want to be able to offer supper throughout the whole experience of pregnancy and into motherhood. We offer carefully curated organic, vegan and sustainable products for every new experience a mum-to-be might face.  We have created these gift bundles to cater to all stages of pregnancy so that friends and family can buy not only beautiful but useful gifts for their loved ones. 

Our morning sickness pregnancy gift kit is tailored to those women suffering from morning sickness and can be a lifesaver in a time of need. Our natural ingredients and scientifically proven products can be the perfect gift to a friend in need or a necessary present to yourself.

The Myrtle and Maude breastfeeding bundle does what it says on the tin. Our lactation tea is proven to increase the production of breast milk, the breast pads are designed to protect from leaks and our 100% pure Muslin cloth is soft enough to use on babies skin. Any mother breastfeeding her baby would benefit from this beautiful gift. 

Our baby shower gift is a collection of products that any expecting mother would be grateful to receive. It includes our labour day tea made up of a 100% raspberry leaf perfect for women in their final trimester. This is the only bundle we have the milestone cards which are exactly what a baby shower gift should be, a brilliant way to remember significant developments in their new-borns life. 

The organic trimester teas bundle is something an expectant mother will use throughout her whole pregnancy and post-birth. It is such a thoughtful gift and our natural and organic ingredients ensure it is safe for everyone. 

Get in touch with us if you have any potential queries about any of the pregnancy gifts that we have on offer and we'd be happy to help.