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Pregnancy Tea

Organic Raspberry Leaf Tea
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Organic Morning Sickness Tea
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Organic Breastfeeding Tea
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Pregnancy Teas Collection

At Myrtle & Maude we offer teas that support mums through their entire pregnancy and beyond. Our whole range of teas are certified vegan, organic and ethically sourced. We try to keep our products as natural and sustainable as possible and that includes our packaging as well. All our tea is packaged in biodegradable tea bags meaning we can help you without harming the planet.

We also recommend topping up your tea multiple times throughout the day ensuring you get more than one use from our tea bags.

Our queasy day's tea is packed with peppermint and ginger, a perfect combination to remedy Morning sickness symptoms in your first trimester. Morning sickness typically only occurs up until 14 weeks but till then we’ve got your back. Our packaging is discreet and small enough to pop in your bag so you can manage your sickness on the move.

Our queasy day's tea is even great for travel sickness!

Our labour day tea is 100% organic raspberry leaf which is recommended by the NHS to drink in your final trimester in preparation for labour. Raspberry leaf contains a whole mass of beneficial nutrients, some that act as natural pain relievers and others that strengthen and tone the uterine muscles and pelvic area. The effects of a raspberry leaf can also be beneficial for PMS symptoms and postpartum pains. 

Our postpartum milk flow tea includes a careful blend of fenugreek, chamomile, fennel seeds & caraway to help encourage the production of breast milk. 

We create our products using scientific research, professional herbalists and ethical partnerships to ensure that our products are not only beneficial but safe for you and your baby. Reach out to us if you have any questions about any of our pregnancy teas and we will be happy to help further.